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Clinician, Adjudicator, Contest Manager

I have been involved with UIL One-Act Play since 2001, working and competing from Zone to State.  I have been a contest manager since 2008 and an adjudicator since 2012.  Locally, I work closely with Houston ISD to help build and grow participation in UIL in elementary, middle, and high schools and coach High School students to continue their performance journey. I have served as a judge for various UIL events at the District, Region, and State levels, and a clinician for shows reaching all stages of contest, including State. 

In addition to judging, I routinely conduct theatre clinics for Texas High Schools and Middle Schools in OAP, and have worked to develop unique, efficient techniques for individual evaluation to make the most impact in the limited time afforded to preparation of OAP.  By evaluating the individual as well as the ensemble, we can create truly impactful moments for your students.

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