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I have worked with Allen for several years in the UIL One Act Play contest structure, and I am always impressed with his interactions with students and directors during the process.  He gives a masterclass in critiques for productions. Allen is intelligent, kind, thoughtful and full of positivity. He gives brilliant suggestions for improvement, speaking to every actor with things to work on along with high praise. Allen guides his thoughts with constant suggestions from the text along with articulating his ideas with humility. His critiques are highly engaging and educational. 

Allen has the ability to make students feel empowered, heard, and attended to. The joy in what Allen does makes students and directors walk away from the critique portion of festivals and contests feeling proud and knowing possible next steps to making their production stronger.

Scott Allen, Ed.D.
Principal, Kinder High School for the Performing and Visual Arts


A coach like Allen is rare. He is extraordinarily kind, yet incredibly sharp. He thinks and feels deeply and is able to look at the heart of a performer, determine their growth potential, and then expertly devise solutions-based activities to help them achieve their full potential. He embodies efficiency and effectiveness all while creating a safe and loving place in which all can grow.

Steve Scott
Dean, Harmony University, BHS
Online Education Curriculum Manager, BHS


I have been lucky to have worked with Allen Otto in a variety of capacities since moving to the Houston area.   I have directed him in productions, worked with him as a UIL One Act Play judge at contests for which he contest-managed and have watched him grow into a sought after UIL One Act Play judge himself.   In every way, Allen is a consummate professional who is responsible, responsive and reliable.   I would never question the opportunity to work with Allen because I trust he will always make any project he is part of better for having been part of it.

Travis Springfield
Assistant Director of Fine Arts, Ft. Bend ISD


Allen's ability to communicate and entice the group to perform and connect at a higher level is exceptional. It isn't enough to know how to achieve, it is critical that the clinician is able to communicate clearly and effectively HOW to achieve. This is where Allen excels, communicating the 'whats' and the 'hows' of achievement.

Steve Bayless
Director of Choirs
John Wesley UMC

Endorsements: Student Testimonials
Endorsements: Testimonials

Clear and workable examples, good positive comments to actors with strong
suggestions for improvement: my actors and I left with a clear plan of how to work in our next rehearsals to prepare for future productions. Critiques were also beneficial for future works after OAP.  Keep doing the wonderful job that you do!

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