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You don't have to be an actor - 

My primary goal is give your ensemble simple, impactful tools that gives them the confidence, desire, and ability to make true, organic connection with any audience: whether it's for a local show, a loved one, or the international judges.  In one session, we'll make a difference.

I've worked with large and small choruses, quartets, and individuals alike.  I've had visual and choreography plans at international, district, and division stages.  Every group has opportunities to impact their community, and I love being a part of that process.

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Don't Act: React.

Internally-driven emotion is second to none.  By working from every performer's own experiences, we move away from being told how to "act" a certain way.  Instead, each person draws emotion from their own experiences - a much simpler task.  Like telling a story to a loved one, we use our common experience to impact the audience in ways that "acting" cannot.  It can't look fake if you aren't faking it.

I have developed a simple, multi-step process to allow members permission to be vulnerable, excited, and artistic. This universal process is applicable to any music we make - we start with the text, apply our own lives, and create a unique product every time.

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