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You don't have to be an actor - 

My primary goal is to equip your ensemble with simple, impactful tools that foster confidence, desire, and the ability to forge genuine, organic connections with any audience - be it at a local show, a personal gathering, or in front of international judges. In just one session, we'll make a difference.

I've collaborated with large and small choruses, quartets, and individuals alike. I've devised visual and choreography plans for international, district, and division stages. Every group has opportunities to impact their community, and I relish being a part of that process.

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Don't Act: React.

Internally-driven emotion is unparalleled. By drawing from each performer's personal experiences, we shift away from being directed on how to 'act' in a certain way. Instead, every individual channels emotion from their own life events - a much more natural task. Like sharing a story with a loved one, we utilize our shared experiences to impact the audience in ways that 'acting' cannot. It can't appear fake if you aren't faking it.

I have crafted a straightforward, multi-step process that encourages members to express vulnerability, excitement, and artistry. This universal methodology is applicable to any piece of music we create - we begin with the text, incorporate our personal lives, and generate a unique product every time.

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